04235 Headstall Ear Loop


04235 Headstall Ear Loop- a unique way of attaching a sliding ear-piece to a headstall. The crown of the headstall slides thru the vertical slot while the end of the piece that forms the ear is slid into the small box on the front and is then secured with 2 set-screws. Very unique and designed here are HSBT. The window on the backside allows the maker to tighten the slide on the headstall by simply tapping on that thin web thru the middle. You can set the tension so it is just enough to stop it from sliding and still be able to move it as is needed. We make this hardware to fit 3/4″ crown and 5/8 ear strap width. Also we make a version fitting 5/8th headstall crown and a 1/2″ ear strap width.Sold by each.

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