120318 – Pricking Irons


Pricking irons (strait tooth version ) are used to mark out the stitch length on leather. The Stitch Wheel does a similar job, but does not mark soft leathers as well, nor does it give you the best angle for the awl blade entry. So the pricking iron is best used on those leathers like chap and garment leathers, or leathers with a shiny surface etc. To use the tool strike it with a maul not a steel hammer, and always on a proper punch pad to keep the teeth razor sharp.. You can strike fully thru on lighter leathers, but striking thru on heavy skirting is not advisable as the blades will get stuck and teeth can be broken and don’t forget you own it. We make this style tool in sets or individually as you prefer. Take a look at the close-up of the shape of the teeth- these are slit shaped teeth and leave a narrower hole for those finer threads. If you drop this tool on such items as cement floors, no doubt you will break off teeth.

6SPI- Set consists of 2-5-12 teeth tools- handles marked as to size.

7SPI- Set consists of 2-5-12 teeth tools- handles marked as to size.

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