Rope Strap Conchos


SKU-063016 This is a brand new item that HSBT is now offering, shipped complete with 3 stainless nails and 1 stainless wood screw. Maybe the coolest method of adding a rope strap that there is. Sized to fit a 5/8 rope strap, simply slide the rope strap into the slot and place the plate in desired location by driving a spike into central screw location. Once it is held in place drive the 3 stainless nails provided and then place the SS screw into the spiked hole and you are done. To replace the rope strap, simply remove one screw. You will notice ribs on the underside to facilitate holding the rope strap in place. We suggest necking down the rope strap if you want to put a 3/4″ strap into this fitting.

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